Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I'm a slacker update

Ok, so I have been so bad with the blogging. Here is some of what I have done. I had to make a pair of clogs and a bag each for my mom and her friend. Here is one picture. I also have made a pair for myself. Speaking of, my mom was allergic to hers. Are there any suggestions out there? I used Reynold Lopi for her clogs.


Lynae said...

If you read the No Sheep for You book it talks about true wool allergies and "sensitivities". Basically, since there are so many dyes, etc that are added to wool - it is really hard to tell if someone is truly allergic to wool or if that person is allergic or sensitive to a dye or other additive. I guess I would have her "feel up" a bunch of other wool yarn to see if she has problems with that. I have some Cascade 220 at home which is a pretty common wool yarn....if you want to have her feel that for awhile, you are welcome to it. I will try to remember to bring it tonight.

Drin said...

She could try wearing socks with them, then her skin won't actually come in contact with the wool.